Australia is among the top most destination for international students in the English speaking world, alongside the United States and the United Kingdom. High quality of education combined with diverse cultures and friendly natives are among the reasons that makes many international students choose to study in Australia. Students who graduate from Australian schools are sought after based on the international reputation of the Australian education system. The Australian education system is very closely monitored by the government so as to maintain these high standards that give them global recognition. Emphasis on scientific research, keeps Australia in the forefront of new technology and innovations. Institutions promote innovation, creativity and independent thinking making education challenging, fun and also rewarding. International students in Australia on a student visa have automatic permission to work part-time for 20 hours a week providing an opportunity to earn money that can offset the living and college expenses during their stay and also gain valuable work experience in their field of interest.

Australian institutions offer Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees. Students have the option to go for ‘Double or Combined Bachelor Degree program’ which helps them get awarded with two Bachelor Degrees and is a common option mainly in the fields of Arts, Commerce, Law and Science. An innovative array of courses are available from institutions in Australia, namely Agriculture & Forestry, Applied Sciences & Professions, Arts, Design & Architecture, Business & Management, Computer Science & IT, Education & Training, Engineering & Technology. Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences, Hospitality, Leisure & Sports, Humanities, Journalism & Media, Law, Medicine & Health, Natural Sciences & Mathematics and Social Sciences.

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